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Dash Hemp Eco Fashions: Environmentally Friendly Clothing Made With Organic Hemp for Men & Women

Dash Hemp was created to provide 100 % organic hemp fashion for that masses, while still being socially responsible having a no sweat shop policy. Learn more about their fashions here.
Richard Dash created his company Dash Hemp in 1997 after being unveiled in the Hemp Movement by way of a WHEE (World Hemp Expo Extravaganja) Festival. Having background both in the apparel business and international travel, Dash decided to use his new company in order to create education and help build up cultures through commerce.
Dash uses only completely organic hemp which is a sweatshop-free company; and therefore no sweat shop type contractors are ever employed to mass produce his designs. It is important to note, that despite the fact that Dash may also use contractors to help sew his designs, the base hemp fabric is done by Dash Hemp. The company can be apart of well established hemp organizations such as the Euro Industrial Hemp Association and the Hemp Industries Association, assisting to open the doors for making use of hemp fabric as a sustainable source for eco-clothing.
The hemp plant itself has many uses, one of which includes building better health. For more information on health and hemp, check Health Benefits of Hemp Seed.
Adding hemp in your wardrobe is a great method to make eco-fashion meet your needs. Hemp fabrics are four times stronger than cotton, plus they absorb body odors keeping you fresher longer with a humid day. Organic Hemp can repel UV light and insulate your system in the winter, while helping keep your system cool during the warm months. Dash Hemp knits may also be great to go somewhere with for the reason that garments are wrinkle free which enable it to be packed as tightly if required to suit small spaces.

Dash Hemp's clothing line for males include a choice of woven shirts, hand loomed knits, upscale tees and hemp jeans and pants.
The woven knits usually are not wrinkle free are available in two styles: the Sashmill long sleeve shirt jacket and the Camp Cruz short sleeve camp shirt style.
The hand loomed knits appear in four styles while using short and long sleeved Polo, the Big Sur Sweater along with the fully sleeved Hemp Crew. The men's line also contains Henley styled tees and hoodies. You can view your entire line and also the men's jeans and pants with the Dash Hemp Men's Collection page.

The women's clothing line ranges from woven skirt and jacket circumstances to knit shawls, tops and pants. The woven selection for your women's line carries a Dash Hemp Panel skirt and the two mandarin collar vest and jacket.
The women's knit line includes a larger selection with loomed hoodies and five different tee shirt designs that run in the standard short sleeve tee to the long sleeve squareneck.
Also inside eco-fashion line for your ladies are the Yoga Lounge drawstring pant that only comes in one style but emerged in three different colors. You can view the entire Dash Hemp Women's line through their Women's Collection page.
Dash Hemp,
*images provided by and they are © 2011 Dash Design Santa Cruz, LLC

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